Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Grampa Memory

I was thinking about Grampa tonight & texted your dad to ask his favorite Dad memory.  He said, 

"Too many favorites to just pick one.  So I'll just give you one.  Sittin' in the boat fishin in Canada just talkin & havin a good time."  

Made me smile, so I wanted to share with you.  : )  

I remember all the emails Grampa & I would write while we were at work.  Sometimes we would decide to meet at Dairy Queen for lunch - always his treat.  We would sit at the booth & use this old-fashioned rotary dial phone to call the front counter & place our order.  I say "we" but it was always him who called, because I have phone phobia issues.  They were worse back then.  He would get the tenderloin (which was huge!) and I would usually get a cheeseburger & onion rings or fries.  We would talk about what was going on in life, or his next Royal Ranger outing, or how work was going.  At that time I was probably complaining about my mean co-worker who seemed to take great pleasure in making my life miserable at work!  It's because of Grampa that I survived that time.  He always had so much love, always made us feel loved, and know that we are special.  

I miss him tonight.  And I just wanted to give you a little piece of him.

I love you!  And you are special.  : )  

Aunt Carrie

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