Sunday, 3 June 2012

John Deere Day

Hello, my nephew!  : )  

Yesterday, you, Gramma & I went to the celebration of John Deere's 175th year on the grounds of HQ.  You were SO EXCITED!  Truthfully, Gramma & I were, as well.  Even tho it had rained a bit earlier, the weather was beautiful when we headed out.  

We took a HUGE charter bus from the parking lot out to the event.  You & I sat in the front seat w/ Gramma behind us, and you loved the giant windows on the bus.  There was a video screen playing in front of us w/ various JD vignettes, and one was about the blacksmith who works out of the JD Historic Site.  You said he looked like Santa w/o the suit.  : )  

When we arrived, the first thing you wanted to do was attack the various bounce-house-slides and obstacle courses scattered about.  To get there, we rode on a seated cart pulled by a JD tractor, which you thought was super neat!  I of course did not get a picture of that because I was too busy gawking all around us.  LOL  I did get some nice shots of you enjoying the slides, tho... 

Next, we went over to the Carnival Games that were across the way.  You played a version of skeeball, frisbee toss, ball tosses, knock the cans over, and hoop throwing.  You won stickers, dinosaurs, a bracelet, a whistle, a back scratcher, and this nifty stuffed snake!  

Gramma tried her hand at a few of the games, and won you another dinosaur, whistle and something else... lol  maybe another back scratcher!  

After all the games - well, we did miss a couple booths because we were hungry - we went to the food tents to get hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers.  They had beans & a really delicious baked potato salad, as well.  We went into the concert tent to eat - you liked the music but not how LOUD it was.  You've always had really sensitive hearing, and we try really hard to accommodate it!  We moved further back in the tent & you were alright then.  There was a watermelon-eating contest, but you didn't want to try it, as you'd already had two slices of watermelon.  I was okay w/ that - why teach you to overeat and waste food??  (But the kids who did participate had fun, I'm sure!)  

After lunch, and a stop to the porta-potty, we visited even MORE bounce-house-slides & things.  You played there for awhile & then we went in search of the ice cream!  Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the ice cream or the photo booths, because by that time the queues for the shuttles back to the parking lots were getting LONG, and you decided that you were ready to go.  So, Gramma got you both some cotton candy (I am so NOT a fan of CC!) & we had fun in line, chatting w/ the ppl behind us & playing w/ your game spoils.  : )  

You were fixing to have a mini-meltdown on the ride back, so I pulled out my camera & you were happy to look at all the pictures from today.  And then you fell asleep for a little cat nap practically the minute we got into Gramma's van!  Heh.  

It was a FABULOUS time & I'm so happy you were able to join me for it!  : )  

*HUGS*  Love you, nephew!

Aunt Carrie

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy Birthday #5!!

Dear Leyton, 
Today we had your 5th birthday party.  It was at Shelley & Tiny's.  We had a cookout - Tiny grilled hot dogs & brats.  Yum!!  Part of Gramma's birthday present to you was a Thomas bouncy house.  (Well, it was a train, but it wasn't Thomas.  That's okay, tho - it was a fun bounce house anyway!!  *grin*)

 Gramma, why did you park so far away??  LOL  

Your mom & dad, Anthony, Tiny & Shelley, Jersey, Dallas, Gramma, and myself were all there to celebrate.  A couple other friends came later in the day, and your dad introduced me, but I of course didn't hear their names & forgot to ask later!  You know who they are, tho.  *laugh*  Everyone had a lot of fun bouncing & visiting & eating delicious things.  

And of course, there was CAKE!  : )  

 The balloon that attacked Mom... 
She fought back!  ; )  

Tonight you, your mom & Anthony are off to Arizona for a week to visit your other grandma & grandpa & aunt & cousin.  You will go swimming & have so much fun!!!  I'll miss you while you're gone, tho.  I'm glad we got to hang out yesterday & today.

*HUGS*  Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!  : ) 

Aunt Carrie