Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy Birthday #5!!

Dear Leyton, 
Today we had your 5th birthday party.  It was at Shelley & Tiny's.  We had a cookout - Tiny grilled hot dogs & brats.  Yum!!  Part of Gramma's birthday present to you was a Thomas bouncy house.  (Well, it was a train, but it wasn't Thomas.  That's okay, tho - it was a fun bounce house anyway!!  *grin*)

 Gramma, why did you park so far away??  LOL  

Your mom & dad, Anthony, Tiny & Shelley, Jersey, Dallas, Gramma, and myself were all there to celebrate.  A couple other friends came later in the day, and your dad introduced me, but I of course didn't hear their names & forgot to ask later!  You know who they are, tho.  *laugh*  Everyone had a lot of fun bouncing & visiting & eating delicious things.  

And of course, there was CAKE!  : )  

 The balloon that attacked Mom... 
She fought back!  ; )  

Tonight you, your mom & Anthony are off to Arizona for a week to visit your other grandma & grandpa & aunt & cousin.  You will go swimming & have so much fun!!!  I'll miss you while you're gone, tho.  I'm glad we got to hang out yesterday & today.

*HUGS*  Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!  : ) 

Aunt Carrie

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  1. Happy Birthday Leyton! Jacob & Adam can't wait to get to play with you again. They are hoping to get to stay in another hotel with a pool, so you can all go swimming & splash ME!

    Debi, Jacob & Adam Kirkestue