Thursday, 13 October 2011

don't lie

Hi Honey!  I love you very much, and hope that - even tho the ppl around you lie - you will decide not to.

I'm honest with you.  Even when you ask hard questions!  If I don't know, I'll tell you I don't know.  If I can find out, I will.

If you do something wrong, or you think you did something wrong, and I - or Gramma or Daddy or Mommy, whomever! - ask you about it, just tell us the truth.  You don't have to hide it or lie to "get out of trouble."  I promise, at least I can promise for myself, that as long as you tell me the truth we can talk about what happened, why you did whatever it was, and work through it.

Lies hurt.

Lies don't make things better, they just destroy trust.  I don't want to wonder every time you tell me something if it's true or not.  I want to know that you trust me, and that I can trust you.

That's all.  I just wanted to let you know.  *HUGS*


Aunt Carrie

Sunday, 9 October 2011

HQ & the Pavilion

Summer and Fall of 2011 was a record year for weekend trips to your favorite places, John Deere Headquarters & the Pavilion.  You seemingly never get tired of going there to play, and so far I never get tired of taking you there!  : )  I love watching you discover new things, and being excited when equipment gets switched out.  

Thanks for spending so much time w/ me, and thanks for taking some nifty pictures - you're getting good!

Aunt Carrie

summer of fun

Summer of 2011 was full of adventure!
We saw fireworks, played outside, went to the Botanical Garden.
We traveled to Chicago & visited the Field Museum and Museum of Science & Industry.  We picked up Anthony from the airport & rode the train!  (You were super-excited to be on a train!)  : ) 

Gramma took us to a train festival, where you enjoyed looking at all the steam engines and also rode a mini train.  

The end of the summer is Grandpa Wulf's birthday, and I was very happy to get to spend it with you this year.  

Aunt  Carrie