Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Great Outdoors

There's a lot of playing outside when the weather is nice.  You're a big fan of baseball, so that's the biggest.  This year you started in T-Ball, with a uniform & everything!  

Baseball isn't the only sport, tho.  We play frisbee, soccer, catch, baseketball, and of course Gramma is fortunate to have a park in her community, so we go there often as well.  There's even a pond or lake with ducks & geese!  

Another fun thing to do outside is play with Bubbles!  

Sometimes Gramma lets us play with them inside, but usually not because then soap gets all over the floor.  Soap, on a floor, equals slippery mess that has to be cleaned!  LOL 

Uber fun times, right?  : )  

<3 you!  


  1. Uber fun times indeed! :) Leyton is soooooo cute in his T-Ball uniform! :) Actually he's so cute period :) Your nephews are so lucky to have such a loving family who enjoys having fun with them! :) I hope one day I'll be able to play at the park and blow bubbles with you all :) xoxo

  2. YES! come to the QCA & visit & play w/ us at the park! micaela, too. and philip. and chipmax. and the puppies. and your mom. and ... just make it a huge family vacation to iowa! : )