Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chick Fil A

So, recently you have made a best friend of the Cow from CFA.  

We go to CFA a lot.  Especially on Thursday.  Thursdays are Family Night, where kids meals are free, the Cow makes an appearance, and there's a craft for kids.  You've made a windsock, a flower pot (and planted a seed!), sand art, all sorts of things!  There was even face-painting once!  

You also really enjoy the play area.  

What we all enjoy is the chicken (delicious) and the fact that it's a Christian establishment.  The music played over the speakers is always uplifting, the staff is SUPER friendly, and usually there are books in the kids' meals instead of the traditional toys.  Love that they are encouraging kids to be smarter!  : )  

Looking forward to many more CFA visits w/ my favorite Leyton!  : )  


  1. I didn't know CFA had family nights! How sweet :) By these pictures they seem like so much fun! I hate that we don't have a CFA where I live :( The closest one is an hour away :( So it's always a treat when we get to eat there. I just LOVE CFA!

  2. : ) They are amazing! But hey, an hour's not so far to travel for fast food w/ a heart! ; )