Saturday, 16 April 2011


that's right, today is your birthday!  you are 4 years old!  we're having a party for you later, and i'm going to write you a post all about it.  

i'm sorry that i suck as a book writer.  hopefully you won't know that, because by the time you're a little older, i'll have a book about grandpa wulf to give you.  : )  i gathered stories from uncle gene, and lots of photos... and then i wrote two posts for the book & *poof* went my inspiration!  it'll be back, tho.  in the meantime, i'll just write you little letters here & there, eh?  i'm going to edit them all together later anyway!  (uhh... yeah, later, when you're reading this book, and this post is still there, just come over & hug me & laugh at your silly aunt carrie.  it's okay.  love you!)  

anywhoo!!!  : )  

so, happy 4th birthday!  your dad (and mom?) got you 2 cakes, one w/ WWE and one w/ construction equipment.  it'd better be JD equipment, cuz you know we don't do that Case stuff.  LOL  

love you, my nephew.  you make me smile, and laugh, and when you run up & hug me in chick fil a or whenever, it makes me feel really happy.  *HUGS*  

here's some memories from when you turned 3... 

and when you turned 2...

and when you turned 1...

and of course, when you were born... : ) 

(i apparently can't put that photo here at the moment because FB won't let me copy it?  random!  i'll fix it before i publish to book form.)  

i've loved you forever, and forever i will.  

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