Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hi, Leyton!  This is Aunt Carrie.  I'm writing this book for you about Grandpa W, to give you a glimpse into his life.  I gathered these pictures and stories from your great aunts & uncles, from Grandpa's friends, Great Grammy Cheek, Daddy and Grandma W.  And of course, some of them are from me!

Grandpa's full name was William Fred, which you know because one of your middle names is William, after him.  He went by the nickname of Bill.  He was born to LaVern & Arlene on August 28, 1946, and was one of ten children.  Yes, you heard correctly, Grandpa had NINE brothers & sisters - you know them as Great Uncles John, Jim and Rick, and Great Aunts Nancy, Vicki, Patti, Judy, Sharon, and Sandy.  Aunt Vicki has a grandson who you sometimes play with at family functions, named Nathan.  He's a bit younger than you are, but you seem to get along!  

When Mommy and Daddy got married, Grandpa was there to celebrate.  He didn't get a chance to meet you, but he knew you were on the way.  He loved you SO MUCH when you were in your mommy's tummy.  He was excited to have another grandson, and one he could play with as a baby.  He didn't get to meet Anthony until he was a little older!  : )  

I hope you'll enjoy this story about Grandpa.  And of course it will be about the rest of this side of the family as well.  Unfortunately there won't be a lot of pictures of your mom in this book, but that is only because she almost never let me take any!  She sometimes likes to pretend she's camera shy, your mommy.  ; )  There will be a LOT of pictures of Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Anthony, Aunt Carrie and the rest of that lot, though!  

"Enough about that, Aunt Carrie!  Let's get to the stories!"  

As you wish, young Leyton.  As you wish!  

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